What is cryptozoo and how cryptozooworld.com works?


What Is CryptoZoo and How Does Cryptozooworld.com Work?

Many celebrities are interested in non-fungible tokens (NFTs) including Logan Paul. 

Logan Paul has millions of subscribers on YouTube, making him one of the platform’s biggest stars.

In recent years, Logan Paul and his brother Jake have become professional boxers. His brother is also a YouTuber. Brothers have become professional boxers with high-profile and lucrative fights against other YouTube stars or retired martial artists. 

Interestingly, Logan Paul is also behind a brand of drinks called Prime. Furthermore, Paul has signed a deal to perform in the World Wrestling Entertainment series. 

While a popular online influencer is attached to various crypto projects, his CryptoZoo project has made a lot of noise in the last several months for all of the wrong reasons.

First of all, what is CryptoZoo?

It was envisioned as an NFT-based play-to-earn game. We need to note that the game was officially released in 2021. 

People had the opportunity to purchase a cryptocurrency utilized in the game and buy eggs with them. After buying eggs, users could select to hatch those eggs creating an image of an animal. They could use different animals in order to breed hybrid animals. 

What’s interesting, the animals could then be resold for more currency. Users had the right to repeat this process. 

Paul is no stranger to scandals. Unsurprisingly, CryptoZoo drew criticism from many online as the “animals” appeared just to be basic stock images of average animals. 

CryptoZoo and its reputation 

Paul’s reputation wasn’t ideal even before CryptoZoo. However, this project created even bigger problems for him.

Not a long time ago, online journalist Coffeezilla released docuseries about CryptoZoo on YouTube. 

He released a three-part docuseries that suggested the crypto project was largely a scam.

Coffeezilla spoke to investors around the world who claimed to have spent a lot of money on CryptoZoo items and were angry at Paul.

Unsurprisingly, Paul was angered by the docuseries. He released a video. Paul tried to discredit Coffeezilla’s docuseries. However, his video only created even bigger problems for him.

Numerous other content creators criticized Paul for his video. Following the backlash, he removed the video from YouTube.

Paul admitted that his reaction was misguided. Interestingly, he even called Coffeezilla to apologize for his threats to sue him. 

What is even interesting is the fact that he later posted a video on Twitter detailing his intentions to make things right for his investors.

Furthermore, he pledged more than $1 million in order to repay investors who are longer interested in CryptoZoo.

We can’t avoid one question, no matter how hard we try. 

Is CryptoZoo a scam or not? 

Based on the docuseries prepared by Coffeezilla, we can say there are certain signs of a scam.

For instance, numerous people invested in the project. However, the chance of retrieving the funds is quite low. 

Besides, the videos include reporting that suggests members of the above-mentioned project could have been bad actors. 

Sometimes, it is hard to draw a line between a scam and a poorly planned project that isn’t a scam. 

What is clear is that some of the people that worked on the project have a bad reputation, to say the least. It wasn’t the best idea to work with them. 

What can we say about the website of CryptoZoo?

Source: youtube.com

Its website is quite primitive. For example, you won’t learn much about the team who is behind the project. Do you know who Ben Roth is? According to the website Ben Roth serves as the head of the community. However, the problem is that there is no picture of Ben Roth. 

Based on the information taken from the website, “the mysterious and pseudo anonymous Ben Roth is CryptoZoo head of community and community manager of the official CryptoZoo social media accounts.” 

Apart from “the mysterious and pseudo anonymous Ben Roth,” the website lists Logan Paul and Jeffrey Levin, aka Manager Jeff.  

As you already know, Logan Paul is no stranger to scandals. Jeffrey Levin is Paul’s manager. 

What about other team members? 

It is hard to say how many people work on the project or how they are. 

The website states that “Until the launch of the official CryptoZoo website later this month, we don’t know much about the CryptoZoo team.” Later this month? 

Which month? May, June, or maybe July? To cut a long story short, it is all but impossible to verify the information about the project. 



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