KORE Announces Retail Offering with Fixed Wireless Access


High-bandwidth 5G connectivity is a plug-and-play solution for retail and restaurant applications.

KORE, the global pure-play Internet of Things (“IoT”) hyperscaler, and provider of IoT Connectivity, Solutions and Analytics, has announced the launch of its new vertical offering in retail solutions.

The retail industry is rapidly undergoing a digital transformation, and KORE has aligned its portfolio to offer high-bandwidth solutions to meet these needs.

The KORE Retail solution includes high bandwidth 5G cellular connectivity through fixed wireless access (FWA) to provide high-speed internet access traditionally available through wireline solutions. As many new retail applications rely on higher data volume and speed, a 5G network can offer greater bandwidth to support these new and evolving applications.

“Digital transformation is rapidly picking up steam across retail and restaurant chains, and we are seeing some interesting applications within this segment,” KORE President and CEO Romil Bahl said.

“Moving entirely to cellular connectivity or leveraging cellular as a failover technology is not easy. KORE has worked hard to make it simple to adopt through our fixed wireless access solutions.”

Retailers and restaurants, in particular, are seeing the benefits of adding 5G solutions on-site, because this high-bandwidth connectivity supports the segment’s growing digital needs beyond point-of-sales devices, including connected tablets, digital ordering, third-party integrations with delivery services, video analytics and many other connected technologies to streamline operations and eliminate the wired/wireless divide. Adding best-in-class 5G technology and connectivity, however, can be challenging, especially when addressing the different carrier needs in locations across the country.

With this new pre-configured solution, KORE is providing high bandwidth digital transformation enablement to a national restaurant chain. KORE is leveraging Cradlepoint Netcloud with 5G wireless edge solutions as this restaurant chain moves to modernize its connectivity by leveraging 5G cellular across its hundreds of U.S. locations.

Without utilizing KORE as a connectivity provider, this restaurant chain would have had to individually source cellular connectivity based on location. KORE is able to provide a singular approach to multi-carrier connectivity and also provide this customer with a connectivity management platform to control and monitor its usage and billing in a unified approach. KORE is also providing onboarding via its customer success department and 24/7 support throughout the implementation of the solution, making the deployment simple, seamless and decreasing time to market.

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