JEJUDOGE price prediction – should you invest in it or not? 


JEJUDOGE price prediction – should you invest in it or not? 

Jejudoge is a new meme coin on the crypto market. This article overviews this project so you can make an informed investment decision. 

JEJUDOGE Price Analysis

Jejudoge Price $0.000000000116861

24 hours Low / 24h High N/A

7d Low / 7d High N/A

Trading Volume –

Market cap

All-Time High $0.000000206347

Jun 12, 2021 (almost two years)

All-Time Low $0.000000000073831 Jan 01, 2023 (4 months)

Jejudoge has experienced a 0.95% decrease since its initial trading. The greatest single-day decrease was 1.13% on Thursday, Mar 30, 2023. On the other hand, the highest single-day increase was also 1.13% on the same day. The daily trading volume of Jejudoge is $177.03 and has dropped 1.60% from yesterday’s trading. The lowest price ever paid for Jejudoge (JEJUDOGE) is $0.000000000073831 and was reached on Jan 01, 2023 (4 months ago). This is 46.69% higher than the current price.

Jejudoge is a Brand New DogeCoin in the Market

Jejudoge stands out from other doge tokens due to its practical benefits and effects. Rather than competing with other Dogecoins, it is positioned against large marketing platforms such as Google, Amazon, and Instagram. The concept is simple: invest and become a Jejudoge Guardian, and businesses that accept Jejudoge as a payment method will receive numerous perks, such as a boost in social media engagement and followers, an effect that is valued at a high cost.

Advertising your product or service to the large network of Guardians on Jejudoge may result in sales and financial returns. However, there is no guarantee of success. Nevertheless, your product or service will gain worldwide visibility.

Perks of the Jejudoge program

As a Guardian Holder of the Jejudo elite community, members are encouraged to contribute personally or support one of Jejudoge’s branches to help the organization reach its vision. The value of 9b9 is linked to the value it creates for Jeju Island, businesses, and beyond. All of the benefits members receive come from and are created by other members of the Jeju Guardian community. Members can offer a value proposition that helps everyone else in the community.

How to Become a Jejudoge Guardian

Step 1

Conduct your investigation into Jejudoge to see if this is a beneficial investment for you. As all investments risk losing value, please be mindful when making decisions. If you decide to join the community, we encourage you to use your talents and resources to help further our mission. To become a Jejudoge token holder, you must create or use an Ethereum (ETH) wallet and purchase coin. Remember, these coin Guardians are active participants, not observers.

Step 2

Setting up a ‘Jeju9b9’ email account with Gmail is essential for joining the Jejudoge community. This account will be the primary way we communicate and will be used to receive news, updates, progress reports, and other important information. Messages sent to any other email address will not be included in the database as an Activated Guardian.

Step 3

You need to provide your name, Ethereum wallet address, and details about your abilities and experience that could be helpful to the Jejudoge community. Additionally, please provide your Instagram link and handle, as well as other social media accounts that you own. Supporting the JejuAction culture is essential for the long-term success of Jejudoge, and those who stay active will be rewarded. That’s why we are asking for this information- collecting it now means we can manage our growth and reach more Guardians worldwide.

As a Benefits Program member, your account will be shared with all the Guardians who can help you promote yourself or your business. This opportunity is much better than spending thousands of dollars on ads, and it’s only one of the advantages of being an elite Jeudoge member. To get more involved, join Jejudoge’s social media accounts and chat rooms, and attend the Zoom Jejudoge Guardian meet-ups. Show your enthusiasm for leveraging your talents to benefit the Jejudoge community and the people of Jeju Island and beyond.

Investing in Jejudoge

Step 1: Create a Metamask ETH Wallet

Metamask is a tool that stores Ethereum-based ERC20 tokens. It is accessible through Apple and Android devices, as well as plugging it into browsers. When you sign up for a Metamask wallet, you can connect it to decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap to get Jejudoge 9b9 tokens. 

Step 2: Move ETH to Metamask 

After you have set up a Metamask account, you will have to move ETH from an exchange (e.g., Coinbase or Binance) or from another wallet where you stored ETH. After the ETH has been successfully transferred, the next step is to proceed to step 3.

Step 3: Buy Jejudoge on Metamask, Uniswap, and

The Ethereum balance you have is visible in the Metamask wallet. You have the option to trade it directly from the wallet or open your browser and buy it from Uniswap. After the transaction has gone through, the Jejudoge balance will be reflected in the wallet.

Adding coins to MetaMask enables users to monitor their digital assets, engage in decentralized trading, and access other features. To do this, users should import JEJUDOGE as a token, for which they need to obtain the contract address (0x939a7a577d93ad29b64c1595b1284ce660a479b9) and then manually import it.

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