Gold Price Takes a Hit After Mini-Crash Below $2,000


Gold Price Takes a Hit After Mini-Crash Below $2,000

Gold’s rising momentum went to an abrupt halt when it fell below the $2,000 barrier, foreshadowing a possible correction. Besides, analysts suggest that the recent dip does not necessarily indicate a broken bullish trend. Currently, the market awaits updates on debt ceiling talks and navigates through economic uncertainties. At the same time, the price of gold faces key support levels and potential buying opportunities.

After maintaining a closing streak above $2,000 for two weeks, gold experienced a mini-crash, declining by approximately 1.5% or nearly $30. The decline was attributed to investors shifting their focus to the dollar and US Treasuries, seeking safer investments amid steady economic data and concerns over banking failures and inflation. This rotation away from gold into other assets contributed to the temporary setback in the precious metal’s price.

Upside Potential and Technical Analysis

Despite the recent dip, technical analysis suggests that the primary uptrend in gold may not be entirely broken. Spot gold should ideally avoid closing below $1,975 on a weekly basis to regain momentum.

A study of trading charts indicates that the correction from the record highs is a typical occurrence rather than a definitive shift in the market. Moreover, the current correction and resistance at the $2,018 level suggest a possible drop to the 38.2% Fibonacci level of $1,975. However, if the dollar index remains above 102 and extends momentum, it may pose challenges to gold’s return to $2,000.

To regain its bullish momentum, gold may find support at the horizontal zone of $1,968-$1,955 and the 50% Fibonacci level of $1,942. These levels could attract bargain-hunters and trigger a potential uptrend, driving gold’s price back toward the resistance at $2,018. The outcome will depend on various factors, including the progress of debt ceiling talks, the strength of the dollar, and market sentiment regarding the U.S. economy.

Outlook and Potential Turning Point

Gold experienced a mini-crash and slipped below the $2,000 mark. However, analysts suggest that the upside potential for the precious metal remains intact. Investors closely watch key support levels and technical indicators to assess the likelihood of a rebound. As uncertainties surrounding the global economy persist, gold’s role as a hedge against economic and political troubles continues to attract attention. Various factors might influence the future price of gold, including the outcome of debt ceiling talks and market dynamics.

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