Discover the Mesopotamians Marvel: The MTP Token ICO Is Live


Discover the Mesopotamian Marvel: The MTP Token ICO Is Live

Metapotamians, the latest sensation in the world of WEB 3.0, is here to whisk you away on a digital journey like no other. Imagine a universe where you can explore the ancient lands of Mesopotamia, visit virtual offices and stores of renowned brands, indulge in shopping sprees, and connect with a vibrant community. This unique platform promises an engaging and lighthearted experience you won’t want to miss.

Unlocking Mesopotamia’s Wonders in a Metaverse Playground

Prepare to be amazed as Metapotamians opens its virtual doors to a universe bustling with creativity, technology, and limitless possibilities. Supported by ASKON, one of Turkey’s prominent associations, all affiliated companies will find their place in the Metapotamians universe. Step into this extraordinary realm and discover offices and stores of your favorite brands, offering an immersive shopping experience like no other.

Spanning an expansive area capable of hosting around 15,000 stores, Metapotamians holds a special significance. Here, you can journey through the Mesopotamian lands, relishing the sights and sounds of civilizations that have shaped human history. Immerse yourself in an environment rich with traces from bygone eras, where you’ll witness the remarkable progression of mankind from ancient times to the present day.

MTP Token Sale: Your Gateway to an Enchanting Universe

The Mesopotamian Marvel launched the ICO sale on May 15, 2023. It will end on May 23, 2023. The platform’s native utility token, MTP, is a BEP-20 type, and it’s very trending currently. During the ICO, 1 MTP is trading for 0.06 USD, and the company aims to raise $125,000 with the sale. The total amount of tokens is 150,000,000, but only 11.62% is available for purchase.

Embarking on the Metapotamians’ Adventure

At its core, Metapotamians is an innovative project that encapsulates the essence of Mesopotamia throughout the ages. Thus, it transcends the boundaries of reality through metaverse technology. By blending the values of this remarkable region, Metapotamians curates an experience that bridges the past and the future.

Get ready to unearth the treasures of Mesopotamia while traversing the metaverse, visiting exceptional shops and offices belonging to prestigious brands and companies. Embrace the beauty of the past and present, coexisting harmoniously. And revel in a virtual world that brings messages of hope for the future. In Metapotamians, you can live, shop, connect, and embark on exciting social adventures just as you would in the real world.

As you immerse yourself in the lands of human existence within Metapotamians, prepare for delightful surprises. The project continuously strengthens its foundations through vital partnerships, drawing from the wealth of the region and its vibrant environment. Besides, Metapotamians forms a robust universe in conjunction with approximately 8,000 companies. The stores of these 8,000 companies will adorn this metaverse, elevating your experience to new heights and fulfilling your wildest dreams.

Metapotamians not only offers an NFT marketplace for buying and selling digital assets but also introduces virtual land ownership. The project’s growth extends to VR solutions, integrating elements like shopping, art exhibitions, concerts, meetings, and even job interviews into your daily life through an augmented reality gaming experience.

For instance, within the Metapotamians project, the real estate sector becomes a part of the digital landscape, enabling seamless purchase and sale transactions through representatives of authentic brands. With the acquisition of an NFT product, you’ll continue to receive genuine brand support from the industry experts themselves.

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