Verus Coin Price – Is VRSC a good investment or not?


Verus Coin Price – Is VRSC a good investment or not?

In this article, we offer Verus coin price analysis and price prediction. If hesitating about investing in it, read the following research and statistics. For more information, refer to Coinmarketcap for complete details regarding Verus coin performance. Before we delve into statistics, let’s see the Verus coin and the project’s primary goal. 

What is Verus coin?

Verus Coin VRSC is a privacy-focused project that seeks to provide public blockchains as a service. It has developed a new consensus algorithm, called Proof of Power, a combination of Proof of Work and Proof of Stake, to address the shortcomings of standard PoS systems.

The goal of the Verus Coin project is to produce a blockchain that is automatically created and maintained by Verus miners and stakes through its PaaS (Platform as a Service) system. Verus PoP is said to be invulnerable to 51% hash attacks, making it one of the most secure public blockchains. It utilizes VerusHash 2.0, a hash algorithm designed to bridge the gap between different processor types.

Verus coin price analysis

At the moment of writing, the price of Verus coin is $0.6449. The last 24-hour trading volume was $11,913.

Market cap $47,193,193
Volume (24h) $11,913
Volume/Market cap (24 hours) 0.03%
Circulating supply 73,157,346.81 VRSC 87.57%
Total supply 73,157,346.81 VRSC
Max. supply 83,540,184 VRSC
Fully diluted market cap of $53,891,075
All-time high market price Apr 26, 2021 (2 years ago) $3.42
All-time low Jan 23, 2021 (2 years ago) $0.04129 +1461.55%

Verus Farm has been an active trading opportunity for the past eight months. According to records, it began on Nov 19, 2021, for $1.05. 

Over the last 30 days, the coin’s volatility has been high at 9.49%, meaning the risk and potential gains are greater than usual. The volatility has been lower in the past 7 days at 4.59%. 

Its highest price was $3.50, currently priced at $0.0085, % less than its all-time high. Verus Farm’s highest price in BTC was 0.00005964, now priced at 0.00000031, % less than its all-time high.

Over the past 3 months, the price of Verus Farm has decreased from $0.0366 to $0.0093, which translates to a monthly decrease of 36.57% and an annual decrease of 1.00%. 

This trend has been seen over the past 6 months, with a compound monthly decrease of 47.32% and an annual decrease of 1.00%. Going back even further, Verus Farm has seen a decrease in price since this time last year, with a monthly decrease of % and an annual decrease of %.

You can trade it on marketplaces like SafeTrade, TradeOgre, Bitglobal, and Graviex. Considering all this data, we found that this coin is a good trading opportunity. For day traders, it shows good volatility for many day trading strategies. To make well-informed investment decisions, do your own research and refer to analytics sites and social media related to this coin.





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