InvestAir Review


General Information

Broker Name:InvestAir

Broker Type: Forex & CFDs


Operating since year: N/A

Regulation: Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Nations Consolidated Lists, US Office of Foreign Assets Control, FATF

Address: N/A

Broker status:Active

Customer Service

Phone: N/A

Email: N/A


Availability: N/A


The Trading platforms:Proprietary

Trading platform Time zone: N/A

Demo account:Yes

Mobile trading: Yes

Web-based trading:Yes


Other trading instruments:Yes


Minimum deposit: $250

Maximal leverage: 1:1000

Spread: Floating From 0.0 Pips

Scalping allowed:Yes

InvestAir Review: How secure and trustworthy is it?


General Information & First Impressions of InvestAir

InvestAir is a CFD trading service provider with numerous assets under its coverage. The company provides trading services to everyone, even for free with its demo account, and offers you a chance to thrive on the market. It also has numerous other conditions that we consider very beneficial, as you’ll see later in our InvestAir review. Here, we will cover the broker’s basics and see if it at least broadly matches your interests.

For starters, we need to stay with the fact that the broker offers its assets as CFDs. There’s a strange stigma surrounding CFD brokers for no good reason, as they are the most beneficial way for most people to trade. CFDs allow brokers to create a wide base of assets while also lowering trading costs and increasing execution speed. As such, they benefit traders in just about every segment of their trading.

Next, we should also mention that the broker is one of the most honest companies out there. We’ll go more in-depth in the security part of our review, but we haven’t seen that level of attention to detail in a long time.

It also has some unique services. Unlike most brokerages, it kept up with the times and was quick to integrate crypto and NFTs in its service. And while the excitement around NFTs has died down, it’s still nice to see a broker stay on top of new trading events.

All that, its excellent trading platform and its high leverage potential make for a solid experience. We can definitely see why the broker has garnered a lot of attention and why it’s quickly pushing through the ranks. Even at a glance, we were eager to find out more for our InvestAir review.


Fund and Account Security

Finding a brokerage that’s secure is tough since finance is polluted with scammers. Even regular services regularly use borderline predatory tactics, so it’s difficult to differentiate between them and scammers. Furthermore, resources for investigating brokers are often limited or include sponsorships which skew the image of a broker.

That’s why it can be challenging for a regular trader to investigate a broker. Getting good at it requires skill, money, patience, and visiting a ton of different brokers. For the most part, traders stick with one broker they like and don’t pick up on the necessary investigation skills.

That’s why we’ve devoted this part of our InvestAir review to presenting our view of its security. We’ve looked at quite a bit of brokers and have gotten good at separating the good from the bad.

But as we already said earlier, the broker leaves absolutely no room for doubt regarding its safety. It’s in compliance with all laws that pertain to it and makes absolutely sure all of its traders are safe and compliant.

It has extensive KYC checks, which cover AML and CFT regulations. In other words, it has strict measures against money laundering and terrorism funding.

Next, it outlines the exact specifics of its service, including the people who can and can’t use it, based on region. Additionally, it follows regulations by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, FATF, Nations Consolidated Lists, and the US Office of Foreign Assets Control. That makes it one of the safest brokers out there, licensing-wise.

There are many more security features we could mention in our review, such as fund segregation and encryption. But when you consider what it has already, more minor things like those are a given. We’re confident it’s one of the safest trading companies available.


Account Info at

Another significant advantage of the broker is the fact that it offers a demo account besides its regular one. Sadly, most newer brokers have phased out demo accounts for some reason. Perhaps it’s a lack of confidence in their service or unwillingness to invest extra effort for people who may not end up as customers. Whatever it may be, we believe that’s a fairly confusing choice.

And that’s why we want to commend InvestAir even more as one of the few companies that do actually care about their user’s experience and confidence. By testing out the service fully before you even sign up, you can be sure the broker doesn’t have any unwelcome surprises. Its account lets you get the full picture and eliminates guesswork from the decision of whether to use the broker or not.

However, demo accounts have many more applications. Namely, if you’re a beginner trader, they are an invaluable practice tool, as they allow you to get experience without losing money. The trading experience isn’t entirely the same, but the differences are negligible.

Furthermore, even if you’re further along as far as trading experience goes, you can make good use of it. Let’s say you want to see how taking a few positions or a new strategy would play out. You can either test it right away in real trading and possibly lose money or write it down on paper and check using multiple windows. Or you could simply use the demo account, which is much easier and more precise. As we said earlier in our InvestAir review, the account is an invaluable tool and demonstrates the broker’s devotion to its traders.


Registration and Initial Steps on InvestAir

Before we move on to the platform, we would like to cover some of the first steps you’ll take with the broker. Namely, everything from signing up to starting your first trade is simple and intuitive. Of course, there’s a bit of waiting involved, but that’s the requirement to create a healthy trading ecosystem.

First, you’ll go through registration, which requires only basic personal information. You can also choose your base currency in this step, which is a good safety mechanism to avoid losses due to carelessness. Additionally, you’ll be able to put down a referral code, which brings you and the person that brought you extra benefits.

Next, you’ll go through the KYC process, which includes AML and CTF procedures. Here, you’ll need to verify your identity and address by providing valid documents. You’ll be able to see what’s allowed on Of course, you can still use the demo account during this time.

Lastly, you’ll make your first deposit and be able to start trading. We should note that the broker’s leverage goes up to 1:1000, so we suggest not going overboard. Furthermore, the broker lets you withdraw any amount of money (unless you’re using a bank wire transfer, in which case the banks set a minimum of $300), so you can get out if you’re unsatisfied with the service at any point.


InvestAir’s Trading Platform

InvestAir uses a high-tech proprietary platform built on the fundamentals from industry leaders. As we know, MetaTrader 4 and 5 are the top dogs as far as trading platforms go. However, it’s undeniable that their UIs and general experience are severely dated. The broker puts its own twist on the trading platform and, as we said numerous times in our InvestAir review, makes it more suitable for use.

That creates a more pleasant trading atmosphere that cuts down the frustration of trading. As such, you’ll be able to keep a clearer head during your trading sessions and generate more profits. Not only that, but you’ll be able to make the sessions longer, providing further benefits.

Altogether the platform is fantastic, and the fact you can test it for free with the demo account is a testament to that. We even recommend checking it out before you deposit since we’re sure it will improve your opinion of the broker.



InvestAir is a fantastic broker with numerous features that put it ahead of others. It streamlines the user experience while ensuring maximum safety, which is something few brokers have pulled off. On top of that, it also has interesting features in crypto and NFT trading, added to everything you’d expect from a regular broker.

If you want a smooth, safe, powerful, and transparent brokerage, look no further. We’re happy to finish our InvestAir review with a definite recommendation.


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