Latest battery technology: Safer, Cheaper, and More Powerful


latest battery technology: Safer, Cheaper, and More Powerful

With the growth of renewable energy and electric vehicle industries, the demand for better rechargeable batteries is increasing. However, standard lithium-ion technology remains unreplaceable thus far. That might change soon, though. 

AquaLith Advanced Materials, an American battery technology company, is making significant strides toward revolutionizing the industry with its latest battery technology. The company’s innovative technology approach promises to deliver batteries that are safer, cheaper, and more powerful, addressing the needs of the market. 

Reinventing Battery Components: 

Rechargeable batteries consist of three major components. These are the negative anode, the positive cathode, and the electrolyte between the two, through which electrons flow back and forth. AquaLith, with its focus on new battery technology, is developing materials that improve upon these components. The company hopes to drive the growth technology in the battery sector.

How will AquaLith revolutionize Anodes? 

Typically, companies use graphite to make Anodes in electric-vehicle batteries. Lots of researchers have tried to replace graphite with silicon. When the battery is charged, silicon can house numerous lithium atoms, like graphite, giving it a high energy density. 

However, the challenge lies in the silicon’s tendency to swell and shrink during charging and discharging. That results in cracks and diminished performance. AquaLith’s approach is different, though. They build their anodes using larger, micro-sized silicon particles, a groundbreaking solution that offers improved stability as well as longevity compared to conventional silicon anodes and nanoparticles. 

By combining the best of both worlds, the company’s anodes will be able to reduce battery weight by 15–20%. AquaLith’s CEO Gregory Cooper noted that they would also lower the total cost of a 100-kilowatt-hour battery by nearly 10%. Technology analysts think that will prove very helpful.

Innovative Electrolyte:

AquaLith’s dedication to innovative technology extends to the electrolyte, a critical component in batteries. Most electrolytes are based on lithium salts. However, they pose a fire hazard when overheated. Water-based electrolytes are safer, but unfortunately, they lack the capacity to handle higher voltages efficiently.

AquaLith plans to add salt to a water-based electrolyte, thus, forming a film around the electrodes. This ingenious approach increases the voltage capacity by approximately 150%, striking a balance between safety and performance. 

If the company succeeds, it may reovlutiozne the battery industry and offer stronger and much resilient batteries. 

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